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Macintosh Classic II y Quadra 950

Taking advantage of the donation of Hans Burkolz I show two of his computers of the year 1991 in 3D, the classic II, a cheap computer, that still kept the essence of the first Macintosh (All-in-one) and its antithesis, the Quadra 950, a mastodon with a huge processing capacity as well as its price, 950,000 ptas (about 6,000 euros).
Both computers I met at the Polytechnic University of Cáceres through Jorge Morera, wonderful professor of Electronics, who installed the first network of computers connected to the Internet of the University with a lot of old Macintosh, finally students could access the Internet. The first connection, ... to playboy, by the way very light, ha, ha and half an hour to upload a photo, imagine, what emotion.
Jorge had the Quadra as a web server running with WebStar and in it we hosted the first website about Extremadura between Alfonso Polo Haccart, my wife Yolanda and me. A milestone in this land at that time, we went out on TV while being kids. What times!

Dontion of Hans

Dear Hans, Hans Burkolz, forgive me for this trust with a deceased I did not know, now thanks to your widow Pilar and your legacy, I have managed to touch your enigmatic personality.
I know you, because materially, I see some parallels with me, although I should not say it categorically, since sometimes I do not know myself.
You were a design lover, a computer lover, a Mac lover, even a lover of classic cars and with that passion, also in the immaterial, lover of your people. </
I point out the material, because it maintained about 10 computers of all times, from a Macintosh Classic to several Powermac G4, plugged into different rooms of your house and ready to be ripped off, like the first day they were unpacked. You can see that he took care of them and kept them, gave them life and use with their printers, that is our point in common.
Hans was German, designer and resident in Tres Cantos, Madrid. He died 7 months ago and his widow Pilar, who does not want to be named and who, despite that, I do, because it seems to me of receipt, decided that the best place where Hans's old computers could still be used was in our Apple Museum in Cáceres.
Thank you both with all your heart.

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