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Commodore Amiga 500. (USA, 1987)

In 1987 Commodore brings to market the Amiga 500 for the domestic market, a computer with Graphical User Interface (GUI) and multitasking with a multimedia potential, which made it intratable in the world of video games. Even Sega and Nintendo could not handle him.
To get it I had a Motorola 68000 processor at 7.14 MHz and 512 kB (maximum 8 MB) of memory and could run with Amiga OS 1.2 and 1.3 system

The best-selling Amiga in history has been donated by a good friend from Caceres, Miguel Serrano, fan of this system until he became a maquero, like so many others that at that time, after Commodore gradually extinguished his fuse, succumbed to Microsoft in the war of the clones like many great brands.
Miguel is an enlightened computer scientist and a great collector of computer scrap. Thank you very much.

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