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Amstrad CPC 464. (England, 1984-1990)

Many visitors ask me in the museum for him, since this big man was the beginning of Amstrad in the world of computing, to give an answer to Commodore and Sinclair. They did not end with them, but from then on, any brand of videogames or programs, which was prized, also had to program for this type of computer. Then came a lot of models sold at a good price usually, such as PCW and PC 1512.
I call it big, because if you compare it with its equivalent Spectrum +2, it occupies much more. It is also thicker and longer, because it has a numeric keypad and arrow keys. That yes, it lacks external power source, since it takes current directly from your monitor, an ingenious way to pry space.
It is equipped with a Zilog Z80 processor used in many computers of that time, its speed is 3.3MHz, it had 64KB of RAM, 32 ROM with BASIC loaded as almost all and could use CP / M operating system.

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