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Amstrad 1512

Hans apart from the computers already shown, donated many more, such as an LC, Macintosh IIci, 4 monitors, a PowerMac 7600, three PowerMac G4, two scanners, several printers, a Harman Kardon sound system. But he still had a computer left to donate and it was not exactly his favorite.
The Amstrad 1512 DD came on the market in 1986 and was the best-selling IBM compatible PC in Europe, since it only cost 225,000 ptas. about € 1,300.
It had 512KB of RAM, two floppy disks of 5 and 1/4 and it had the possibility of being extended with hard disk. It had up to 16 colors and a CGA monitor. In the 3D photo he is accompanied by his inseparable matrix printer and his diskettes.
Interestingly with this computer I learned to type and my first steps with computer science in a course taught at the Aldana Academy in Caceres, when I was on top of the Coliseum cinema. What times!

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