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Apple IIc

Presented in April of 1984, it can be called the first Apple laptop, it only lacked the battery to be autonomous, but with only 3.4 Kg of weight and accompanied by Apple's first LCD screen, the 7 "Flat Panel, we could transport it to any other place that has a plug.
It ran with the everlasting MOS 65C52 processor at 1MHz, had an internal drive of 5.25 "and to achieve miniaturization it did not have the 8 internal expansion sockets, which had the normal Apple II since its inception, in return it had two serial ports externally , a port for the floppy disk drive, two video outputs and a sound minijack output. A radical change in the design of the Apple II.
For those who do not know, these computers worked writing lines of code with the Apple ProDOS 8 operating system, despite having been created in the same year it was presented, the first Macintosh with its brand new desktop system.
The Apple II would continue to manufacture until 1993 with the Apple IIe Platinum at 1MHz, for what more speed?
The first photo must be seen with anaglyphic 3D glasses.

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