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Commodore 8032-SK

The Commodore PET 8032-SK is the pretty girl of the Museum, it reminds me a lot of Eva, the girlfriend of WALL-E. A curvilinear design by Porsche for Commodore, which was still manufacturing the 2001 series PET with very angular shapes.
This "all in one" with 32 KB of RAM memory was intended for the business sector and despite its futuristic appearance, the computer is from 1982, a grandfather, which followed with lines of BASIC code.
It had an addressable screen of 80 columns by 25 lines and its name SK comes from the English "Separate Keyboard", that is, the keyboard could be separated to work more comfortably.
To store data, you could use a cassette device or floppy disks of 5 and a 1/4 CBM or the one that appears in the image, a 2031LP floppy disk drive.

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