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Ericsson PC donated by Luis Críspulo Gómez García

Luis Críspulo Gómez García is 91 years old and he has donated an Ericsson PC to us through his daughters, it is nice to see how well they are preserved, both the donor and the computer.
It was the first PC manufactured by Ericsson and cost 700,000 ptas. It had an Intel 8088 processor at 4.77 MHz, 256 or 512 kB of RAM and had two 5 "1/4 floppy drives, its screen is orange and has no plug, as it takes power from the computer through its The equipment is very small and weighs only 8KG, thanks to a boast of Swedish technology, since it uses the space very well inside, externally it is very simple and its color is that of the photo, it is not yellowed by the years.
Don Luis is known in Cáceres for directing urban buses (AUGOSA) since 1959, this machine was purchased to manage the company in 1985 and for many years he kept it covered with his case.
The bus company was founded by his grandfather, Santiago Gómez Galán, when he took the routes that connected Arroyo de la Luz, Brozas and Malpartida with the bus station.
In the photo you can see one of its buses Barreiros in the Plaza Mayor de Cáceres.
Bus photo: camionesclasicos.com

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