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IBM 5150

You can already see an IBM PC, the enemy at home.
It's a joke, everyone knows the weight of IBM in the history of computing, I love their machines and in the museum we have several, the most, after Apple. This computer is very important, since it supposes the beginning of the compatible IBM PC era, which continues to this day.
In 1981, IBM, comfortable and powerful in financial management, was forced to release the first IBM PC after being threatened by the push of PCs such as the Apple II, Commodore PET and the Tandy TRS-80, which in 1979 began to use spreadsheets such as Visicalc and later Supercalc or Microsoft Multiplan.
The error of IBM was not acquiring the rights of Microsoft's operating system, MS-DOS.
This milestone would mean the "Clone attack", the death of the CPM system (the third contributor) and the desperate need to innovate and renew in Apple. I have not felt his strength for years.

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