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iMac G3 donated by Toñi and Jero

On December 17 we received this letter:
Good afternoon.
I acquired in 1999 an Apple Imac 256 Color Blueberry computer that logically can no longer be used as obsolete, although it works perfectly.
A few months ago I learned through the media of the opening of this Museum and despite the "love" that I keep this machine (which has prevented me from giving it another way in all these years) I think the best I could give would be donate it to you and contribute in some way with your interesting initiative to disseminate this part of recent history.
I would like to know therefore if you would be interested in receiving this piece, which includes USB keyboard and mouse pad, all matching the CPU as you know. I also keep your manuals, your software installation discs and original applications of the time with original packaging of these last parts.
If so, you can contact me or my wife through this email address or on the phones ********* giving us the appropriate instructions to prepare the shipment.
We await your response by thanking them for your attention.
PS: I attached a photo to them to see their current status.
Jerónimo Parra.
Toñi Gómez.
The iMac is already on display in the Museum and we only had to thank publicly this couple from Malaga, who have worked so hard to get this computer to be here.

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