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Macintosh LC580

Finally, the Macintosh LC580 is working. It is one of the computers that has cost most to restore. As in Europe it was not sold, I had to bring it three times from the USA, the first two arrived destroyed, it is a very delicate computer, with a very poor quality plastic. Already desperate, I got to send me a third party that arrived well. It was completely disassembled and now we finally have in the museum this American rarity in perfect condition and with a system in Spanish.
It is an "all in one" with Motorola 68040 processor at 33Mhz and monitor 14 ", a processor equivalent to the Performa 630, yes, it was sold in Europe.Although it seems that it has a monitor above, really, it is all compact.
It began manufacturing in April 1995 and was discontinued in April 1996.

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