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Donation by Miguel Antonio Esteban. Macintosh Classic and Spectrum+

Miguel Antonio Esteban came to the museum a month ago accompanied by his wife, María Antonia Bravo Perera, a couple of 91 years old, yes, 91. The first thing I think is that they have made a mistake, but before saying anything to me, Miguel decided to step down. Three steps resting on his cane and he says with great enthusiasm: How I look forward to seeing the Apple Museum! ... I've been thinking about coming for months!
Perplexed I commented that the guided tour lasts about an hour. Then Miguel asks María Antonia very politely, are you going to want to see him, do not get bored ?. She decided that she also wants to see him, she is not very fond of computer science, but go, that knowledge does not take place.
We go to the ground floor and begin the visit, do not lose detail of the first models and when we get to the Macintosh section he tells me that he was a professor of mathematics at the Norba Institute and that when he retired, he was given a Macintosh Classic, for I wrote a math book and he did (see pictures).
Impressed with the knowledge of the couple, we went up to the second floor even with more interest, they had no qualms about putting on 3D glasses to have fun with a game of the year 91.
We finish the visit and he tells me very convinced that he wanted to donate his Classic to the museum next to a Spectrum +, his first computer, you could tell that he came with the idea well thought out. He gave me his phone and told me to call him to go to his house to pick up the computers.
The following week I called him and we were right away, I had them ready, I went with my two children, Mario and Jorge, 11 and 8 years old, so that they would give me a hand and because I felt that they would learn something. They receive us offering some refreshments and guide us to the room where they keep the computers.
Miguel asks my children, if they like mathematics, Mario says yes immediately and Jorge doubts, but also. Miguel does not expect it and gets up running to look for something, he presents himself with the math book he wrote, in particular, 5,000 problems solved in Geometry and he tells them that for now, but in a few years it will come from pearls, He even writes them a dedication. Jorge is encouraged and he calculates on a piece of paper the years he has been retired, 26, provoking laughter, what a boy.
Then Miguel poses the following problem, which we now transmit to you: How to make 4 equilateral triangles with 6 chopsticks? Do not look on the internet, warm your head a little
So far I have described what happened, but still need to say the most important, ... are a lovely couple, announcement, your family is very lucky to have them, by the way, when we said goodbye, Miguel remembers that he still has one more thing to teach us , he goes to a small table and takes a framed photo where his whole extended family appears and he tells us shaking it, that this is the most important thing. Of course, your children and grandchildren should be very proud.
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