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Macintosh Plus. (USA, 1986)

A couple of weeks ago he appeared at the Alejandro Hernández Renner Museum to donate a Macintosh Plus and his printer, just because he liked the idea of ​​the Museum. I did not know him at all, until you talk and you learn that he is the son of a well-known English teacher at the Morgan de Cáceres Academy, which was located above the first arcades of the Plaza Mayor.
He went without further and told me he would go back to see the museum and he did. Before I came I was digging into his Facebook and I was impressed in many aspects, but above all in that he is a faithful defender of the green economy and circulating in Extremadura of which I personally feel very close.
Now he lives in Zafra and manages the Maimona Foundation in Santos de Maimona, an honor that catches the attention of this computer museum project to the manager of an organization dedicated to entrepreneurship.
The magnificent computer that donated us is the third of the Macintosh family after 128K (Original) and 512K, these three PCs are the only ones that treasure inside (see photos) the signatures of all members of the Macintosh team, since Steve Jobs considered works of art to all the computers that designed in Apple and like it happens with the artists, his works had to be signed.
The Plus came out in the 86, had 1MB of RAM and could be increased to 4MB, but what was a brutal change compared to 512K was the possibility of connecting an external hard drive 20 SC with 20 MB, this fact popularized the Macintosh even in Spain , where the 128 or 512K arrived with droppers, all the printers wanted one, since what you saw on the screen, came out in a printer, WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get), a graphic environment 100% allowed it ... speaking of printers, the donated is a StyleWriter, Apple's first inkjet printer.
It only remains to say that we are very grateful to Alejandro and his brother, who also came to see the Museum. I hope you come back to pick up some 3D glasses to see the pictures.

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