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Donation PowerBook 100

In the recent visit of the Mac-West Club, its president, Ángel Galán, a retired doctor, and his charming wife Concha, also a retired teacher, donated a very special computer in the history of Apple, the PowerBook 100, worthy successor of the Macintosh Portable .

They changed their aesthetics, weight and size drastically. As for its power, this model could not overcome the previous one. The first PowerBook model weighed only 2.3Kg, compared to the 7.5Kg Macintosh Portable supposed that this kid was truly portable despite its lead battery.

I want to thank these friends for their visits from time to time, to see new acquisitions or donations, they show me support and enthusiasm in the project from the very beginning. Thank you.
By the way, Angel, our body language of surprise must be improved.

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