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The television series Halt and Catch Fire and Silicon Valley

Halt and Catch Fire. Machine code that causes the self-destruction of a CPU.
That is the title of my current favorite series, in addition to Walking Dead.
I met her because of a visit from a placidian to whom I thank her for her recommendation.
H & CF is a technological drama in which the stress of the pioneers of computer science in the 80s is very well mixed with their personal lives getting a lot of tension. Of course, there is no lack of conjunction between two characters "Steves", the geek engineer and the clever visionary, both essential, so that a technological company of those years could evolve.
Another incentive is that you can see many commanders of the time such as Commodore, Zennit, Tandy, IBM, Apple, etc.
On the other hand Silicon Valley is another series (second photo) set in the world of startups, but today. You part with its five protagonists, especially when you perceive that its main character, Richard Hendricks, is going to screw up in some crucial decision. There is no way, stumbles again and again, but they keep going, provoking very funny situations in their struggle to reach the top of the technological sector.
Very, very funny.

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