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Spectrum Sinclair ZX

This was one of the first computers I used, but at a friend's house. I could not have it even though it was very cheap, you can see its prices in the advertising photos of the time, shown below.
It replaced the Sinclair ZX 81, it was tremendously small and had rubber keys, which set it apart from the rest.
We all remember its peculiar sound when it comes to loading a game from a cassette tape, it seemed that you connected with a modem, it could take more than a quarter of an hour to load the program, all an emotion, when you did reading, that if you got it .
Today any child would be bored after a minute and would play with the phone.
They were other times with less haste and in those that we still played in the street. It is curious to see in one of the advertising photos four children watching the Spectrum at the school door, as if it were a tablet, they seem to enjoy playing the keys, although without a screen, they would hardly have fun.
It is noted, that it was a computer oriented to the kids, who wanted to start in computer science, but let's face it, convincing the parents that it was to learn, we used to set up a video game console, to play. Today the kids do the same with mobile phones, but justifying that they serve to communicate with the concerned parents.

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