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Commodore Vic20. (USA, 1980)

Emilio Manuel Arévalo Hernández, born in Plasencia, raised in Cáceres and resident in Merida has donated this wonderful Commodore Vic-20 of 1980 in perfect condition including the cassette, two games and their original boxes. We just had to do a face wash, some photos and is already exposed to the public.
The Vic-20 was shared by all his brothers of an extended family, but it must be stated that he was the one who used it the most ;-)
Until now they kept it as gold in cloth, since it is a machine that made history, with only 20 KB ROM plus 5 KB RAM (expandable to 32 KB) and a MOS 6502 processor was the first low cost color computer and also, he was the first to surpass a million sales until his successor came Commodore 64 and crushed all records. To achieve this, they even hired William Shatner, Captain Kirk of the famous Star Trek series, as a publicity call.
Emilio continues to be curious about technology, but his great passion is roads and bridges, which is reflected in his blog, for something he is a Civil Engineer.
Thanks Emilio and family https://lascarreterasdeextremadura.blogspot.com/

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