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xServer G5 donated by Alberto Lozano Barcia

A month ago we received a xServer G5 donated by Alberto Lozano Barcia.
And who is this man?
Well, if Maradona is God in football, Alberto is God in Apple at least in Spain, so blunt I say it. Last week I had the opportunity to go see him, pick up another computer, which he donated to the Museum and share anecdotes with Angie, his wife, sheltered by a good fireplace.

This Catalan born in Santa Coloma de Gramanet jumped the pond at the beginning of the personal computer. He met the two Steves, he bought an Apple I and he destroyed it by messing with him, it's worth it. He even created a successful programming company until one day he decided to do the same in Spain, too soon, he says smiling.

From the United States he brought a cowboy hat and some knowledge, which very few had at that time. That allowed him to write very successful articles in MacWorld magazine and MacUser (see images) and travel the entire peninsula installing and programming Macintosh in all types of companies. In Extremadura, he modernized the newspaper HOY by installing Macintosh in its editorial offices in the early 90s and thus several newspapers that would eventually be part of the Vocento Group.

At that time I was an oaf who spent the morning in the cafeteria of the Polytechnic doing computer or rather playing the cuatrola, was a weirdo, who made the race with a Mac and a PC emulator (SoftWindows). In another environment I met Alberto, specifically at a meal organized by the club Mac-West de Cáceres and of which I only remember, that I was enthralled listening to him and appreciating that he was at another level, since then I always wanted to be at his height, but I still do not see myself able to reach such expectations.

As I told you, I went to Barcelona, ​​but not only for the visit to Alberto, also to buy a couple of scrap, which I will show you, the fact is that when I entered Catalonia I found a storm that was really scary, remember the scene of the exit of the tunnel in the movie "7 Basque surnames", but with snow. The prejudices towards the Catalans come to my head, they are going to rattle me, as I have a museum, they think I am rich or that I am subsidized! In the end they are cheaper, in addition to oaf, I am badly thought!

I reserve for the end the visit to the master in Taradell, a little village in Barcelona that was totally snowed. At home, they invite me to eat, we talk and I remain enthralled listening to him, as when I met him, his level continues through the clouds, for something is God. They show me the Sharp MZ 80B that I was going to pick up, a preciousness that I'll talk about, but the best is yet to come. I get the Bible from the Macintosh ... Amen! ... and I'll leave it there ... for now

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