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Christmas dinner with the Club Mac West

I present you to the insightful topping Club Mac-West, created some 25 years ago in Cáceres (Spain) and that continues to be every month in a restaurant, to talk about Macs and other technological issues, some geeks, but from the time when it was not cool be, from the time when it was hard to find applications for Mac and they looked at you as a weirdo of those "incompatible" with other human beings.
Ángel Galán, presides over it since it was created, envy of all presidents of clubs of Spain of any kind, continues to guide him based on work and hobby, although he himself recognizes that it has already been transformed into a gastronomic club and of course, in a club of real friends, of those who endure all the bullshit of each other, come on, of the good, of the debugged.
Yesterday they were at the Museum enjoying the old machines and having a few beers before going to dinner.
As I continue being autonomous, I never have anyone to do business dinner with except this club, which always welcomed me despite leaving me a few years ago, when I could no longer attend their meetings because of the education of my children. Hence the last image shown.
Apart from the president, the club is composed of several members including Aquilino Gónzalez, Juan Navarro, Pedro Arjona, Eladio, Fernando Claros, Lucia Vidal and finally Iñigo Pérez, who like me, we are on leave.
Finally talk about others, who are no longer in the club, which come out in the penultimate image made many years ago in my home, but still keep relationship, as Miguel Serrano, Yolanda, Pedro Navareño and of course, our deceased and dearest Curro Álvarez.
Finally, to say that the club decided to notify me that they would donate all the old programs to me with their original boxes, which we used to buy among all of them, so that they occupy their place in the museum's library.
Long live Club Mac-West!

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