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Dontation of PowerBook 1400

Pamplona resident and computer collector, Miguel Ángel Aguerrea Fuentes has donated several gadgets such as an Apple PowerCD cdrom, an Apple DuoDock and what we showed in this publication, a brand new PowerBook 1400 from 1996.
This laptop was the second one that had a PowerPC processor, but unlike the first, it had the possibility of having a removable CDROM (6X), which could be exchanged with a 100Mb Zip and a 3 1/2 floppy disk drive.
Surprise the ingenious system of personalization of the cover of your screen, it came with several templates of different designs, now a little retro, that you could exchange with a transparent cover. But the best thing is that it included an application in which you could design and print your own template with the company logo, your child, your dog or turtle.
He did not go any further was the gadget, which an independent manufacturer of Apple commercialized; a cover with solar plates that charged the battery, a display of ecological technology for that moment (see image, RetroMacCast).
Miguel Ángel is a great multimedia designer and programmer of Filemaker databases. Thanks for your contribution.

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